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3 bottles of our boba drinks new and improved versions - the products are now no additives or preservatives

We're like big fans of boba – those fun chewy balls in drinks that make us happy. Here's our story:

We really enjoy going to boba shops to get our fix, but sometimes it's not so easy. There are days when we're a bit lazy to put on our clothes or don't want to spend money on gas. And you know what? Waiting in line is not always fun. Sometimes, we worry about spilling our boba drinks, too.

But guess what? Sometimes the boba shops close just when we're craving boba the most. And on top of that, there are times when they run out of boba. How sad is that, right?

Some of us like to drink our boba slowly, enjoying it bit by bit. And we want our boba to stay bouncy and chewy all day long, without getting hard or yucky. We wish we could take our boba drinks with us without worrying about spills.

We really, really love boba drinks, and we want to enjoy them whenever we want – day or night. We don't want to wait for the boba shop to open; we want boba whenever we feel like it.

One day, we found canned boba drinks in some supermarkets and even in places like Costco and Amazon. We thought, "Wow, this is convenient!" We could buy a bunch of boba drinks and keep them in our fridge. Whenever we felt like having boba, we could just grab one. Cool, right?

But guess what? Those canned boba drinks didn't taste as great as we hoped. The tea flavors were kind of okay, but the boba inside was not so good. It was mushy, not bouncy or chewy like we wanted. We were not happy at all.

We were like, "Wait a minute, this is not right!" We realized that these companies were not making the boba the way it should be. They were trying to save money, but it made the boba taste bad. We were pretty upset about it.

So, we decided to fix it:

We looked into why these canned boba drinks weren't good. We found out that they were made in a way that didn't keep the boba bouncy and yummy. We know a lot about making drinks because we've worked with juice and tea before. We even have a special way to keep boba awesome, and we got a patent for it!

We wanted to make boba drinks that tasted just like the ones in our favorite boba shops. And we wanted them to be easy to find in stores or online, so you can enjoy them anytime you want.

And you know what else? We wanted to make them even better:

Boba drinks are treats, but we don't want them to be bad for you. We decided to use good things to make them, not stuff that's fake or not so great. Our drinks don't have bad stuff in them, so they're healthier. You can keep them for a long time, but who waits that long to drink boba? Not us!

We use special ways to make our boba drinks taste fresh and simple. And since our boba is bouncy and not crumbly, we can put lots of it in our clear bottles. Because when you drink boba, you want to see the boba, right? It's the star of the show!

Our goal is to make boba drinks that are bouncy, chewy, and yummy, and you can find them outside of boba shops. We want more people to enjoy boba like we do. So, if you're a mom or someone who loves boba, we're here to make your boba dreams come true!

Side profiles of our 3 boba drinks with no additives or preservatives

About FS Drinks:

FS Drinks is a minority-owned, multicultural, and all-American sister company to FSTea, a leading RTD fresh juice and tea brand sold in over 11,000 online and offline stores across China. Both are portfolio companies of trans-Pacific investment firm TZG Partners, who has 20 years of success launching and growing CPG brands.

FS Drinks is registered in Delaware, headquartered in sunny California, and began operations in late 2022. All of our products are produced locally in the United States, to invest in the local economy, using patented production technology, and available for direct online purchase and offline distribution. 

We're a funny-to-cringe lot who believe boba consumption will lead to world peace.

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