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Pairing Boba With Thanksgiving, It's Traditional, In A Way

If you're like me, you’re wondering, 

How can I possibly sneak boba into my Thanksgiving meal?

Well, have no fear, you don’t have to sneak it in. 

You can sell it as a Thanksgiving food as valid as the rest of them.

“But semi-anonymous blog post writer, how could a traditionally Asian beverage ever pair with a stereotypical American meal that dates back to the early history of the country?”

Fair question, and I’ll hide my disappointment that you think Thanksgiving food originates from what they ate at the first Thanksgiving. 

They didn’t even eat mashed potatoes, you know that, right? No pumpkin pie either.

I’m not interested in pairing delectable boba with boring old turkey to begin with; I mean, come on, you and I both know turkey puts you to sleep in more ways than one.

I’m interested in pairing boba with the concept of Thanksgiving. 

I’m guessing you grew up with a similar story, that Thanksgiving was a time when Pilgrims and Native Americans got together, shared food with each other, and celebrated what they had to be thankful for.

And if the whole premise of Thanksgiving was to share food, why would you always share the same food? 

Been there, shared that. 

Share new food. 

Share boba!

Thanksgiving is a time when you are hopefully surrounded by people you care about. Don’t let stiff traditions keep you from bonding over a new experience together. So trade out the stuffing balls for boba balls and rock the worlds of your loved ones. 

And if someone at your dinner has the audacity to suggest boba should not be there, smack that casserole they insist isn't actually a dessert in disguise (sweet potato casserole, iykyk) out of their hands and give them the history lesson schools deprived them of.


All of Thanksgiving is a lie.


It might not be quite that dramatic. Might

But Thanksgiving and its history are whitewashed and bastardized by corporations.  

Big shocker there, bet you never saw that one coming.

So why couldn’t you have boba with Thanksgiving? Because some magazine from the 40’s told your grandmother that cranberry sauce is the only gelatinous substance that goes with Thanksgiving? Ha, we’re past blinding following traditions at this point. 

You don't have to stick to the rules of Thanksgiving and I'm guessing you probably don't want to if you're reading about how to pair boba with Thanksgiving dinner. So have that grass jelly boba in taro tea and try to soak in the one thing there is to appreciate about Thanksgiving, setting aside time to be thankful with your loved ones.

- A vegetarian with ulterior motives

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