New+Improved Simple Boba Launched at Expo West

New+Improved Simple Boba Launched at Expo West

We're excited to announce the launch of Simple Boba, our innovative clean label ready-to-drink boba beverage product line, at the prestigious Natural Products Expo West industry trade show taking place March 13-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

How We Got Here

Over the past year, we've been busy researching and developing a unique konjac crystal boba without the artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives typically found in such crystal boba sold to consumers and boba tea shops around the world. 

After countless rounds of iteration and testing, we finally succeeded in achieving the bouncy, chewy texture and taste we and our customers love in our initial FS Boba beverage line, which was originally developed to demonstrate that the boba in these consumer packaged goods purchasable from supermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesale clubs do not have to be upsetting gray blobs of lifeless, crumbly powder... or "popping boba" that isn't even truly a "boba".  

Konjac Crystal Boba

While not an artificial ingredient or sweetener, we also got rid of the small amount of high-fructose corn syrup in our formulation while we were at it, so the only sweetener is now completely natural brown sugar. 

Results from internal and external taste tests of our new Simple Boba have indicated stronger flavor notes for our teas and juices, less sweetness, while our boba remains our signature "happy, bouncy, and chewy" texture. Testers told us they found the drink to be an overall improvement on an already deliciously good boba drink. 

That's exactly what we were aiming for.

New Labeling

With our new recipe and clean formulation comes an update to our product labels. We've always disliked how other ready-to-drink boba products came in aluminum cans, because if we could see how little "boba" was inside and how unappetizing they actually are, we would've never purchased them only to be disappointed if not shaking with indignation.

As such, we always wanted our boba beverages to be in clear, transparent bottles, so customers could easily see what's inside, what the cold-brewed tea or natural juice looks like and—of course—how generous we are with the amount of crystal boba is included in each bottle. 

Our new Simple Boba bottle labels continue our philosophy of being honest and transparent. We simplified the front panel of our label, removing the large white box and shrinking some text, to make sure you can always see what you get. We've got nothing to hide.    

Launching at Expo West

As the premier trade event for natural and organic consumer brands and products in the United States, attracting retailers of all sizes around the nation, we're exhibiting and sampling Simple Boba at booth 8715 on ACC Level 3 throughout Expo West. 

Natural Products Expo West 2024

The most common feedback we've gotten when market testing our boba beverages in the field and at events over the past year is: "Where can I buy this?"

So, in addition to meetings with retail buyers and category managers, we're also meeting with national distributors, including UNFI and KeHE, as we work towards making Simple Boba available for convenient offline retail purchase. Of course, we will continue to make our drinks available for purchase or monthly subscription online via our ecommerce channels.  

We hope to share some insider looks via our Instagram and TikTok, so please give us a follow, as we explore and experience what other pioneering brands are bringing to consumers of the natural, organic, and socially-conscientious. 

Thank You for Your Support

With the vast majority of "boba" food and beverage products on the market having a laundry list of artificial ingredients and preservatives that modern consumers increasingly shy away from, we're exceptionally proud of developing Simple Boba with fresh, natural, and clean ingredients that is still 0% fat, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

While there are plenty of bad boba shops out there, we certainly know there are plenty of good boba shops we can turn to if we don't mind making the trek or enduring the potential wait. As die-hard boba lovers ourselves, we started FS Drinks and made Simple Boba so we always have a clean, natural, and tasty boba drink within reach in our fridges.  

Whenever you have feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate let us know. For example, let us know where you like to shop for your drinks, and we'll reach out to those retailers to discuss how we can get Simple Boba onto their shelves.

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