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FS Drinks Now Have 120-Day Shelf-Life!

When we started FS Drinks, we were offended by the RTD ready-to-drink boba drinks out on the market. They were lifeless, crumbly, powdery.

They were soul-crushing.

The only reason we drink boba drinks at all is for the boba itself. It's the star of the show. It's the twinkle in our eye.

No matter how good the drink might be—whether classic milk tea, matcha, taro, honeydew, or whatever—if the boba was garbage, the whole thing was garbage. We didn't care if the can sold for $1.00 or $4.00 at the Asian specialty supermarket or Amazon or wherever, the price for such trash was too high. 

Surely, MTO made-to-order boba shops weren't the only place we could get happy, bouncy boba...even if they'd go bad within hours.

Surely, there had to be a way to make RTD boba drinks that could be stocked up and stored for extended periods of time and still have happy, bouncy boba when we decided it was time to reward ourselves. 

We knew how.

We've even submitted patents for it.

Today, we're pleased to announce that our boba drinks have passed the 120 day mark in our ongoing spoilage shelf-life testing at Cornell Agritech, under Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

That means our unopened bottled boba beverages, after at least four months from date of production, have not exhibited significant microbial growth exceeding food safety regulations and standards. 

Our drinks are currently stamped at our production facility with a "use by" date for 90 days. For example, if you have a bottle with a use-by date of 04/06/23, that means it was made on 01/06/23. 

We'll be updating these dates to 120 days on all new drinks produced after today. It also means that bottle in your hand should be good until 05/06/23.

We at FS Drinks are out to break the monopoly MTO made-to-order boba shops had on happy, bouncy boba drinks. We're also out to prove that lifeless, crumbly, powdery, soul-crushing boba doesn't have to be the result of making our favorite libations into RTD products you can stock up on and store in your fridge... until you can no longer resist your cravings.  

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