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FS Drinks at the 2023 Anime Impulse San Diego!

If there's anything cuter than the big round eyes in anime, it's happy, bouncy boba. 

We're ecstatic to be attending the 2023 Anime Impulse San Diego convention over the March 18-19 weekend, hosted at the Del Mar Fairgrounds along with K-Play! Fest and Sneaker Expo

We're popping up with a booth at Food Alley, our base of operations for a whole host of free boba giveaways, contests, and the starting point for a fun challenge open to all event attendees.

There'll be incredible prizes to salivate for throughout our fun activities both online and offline to help maximize your experience and enjoyment of all that can be seen and done at the event.

Special Event Prices

Thirsty? Water not doing it for you? You have many choices at Food Alley, but there's only one choice for escaping eternal damnation: refreshing boba teas and juices from FS Drinks.

Enjoy our happy, bouncy boba swaddled in premium black and green teas cold-brewed from real tea leaves and not concentrate. Or opt to have our delightfully chewy boba mixed with our ever-popular mango juice.

Heck, why not try all three flavors at the following special event prices before we show up on the shelves at your local supermarket, convenience store, or wholesale club?

All drinks come chilled in a convenient, resealable plastic bottle you can drink from throughout the day. And a fat boba straw. Can't forget the fat boba straw. 

3 for $10 - 33% off retail

Perfect for trying all three flavors so you can tell us your personal fuck, marry, kill rankings. Works great for spontaneous jugglers too. You can go splitsies with a friend, but do you really want to?

7 for $20 - 43% off retail

Perfect for staying hydrated and keeping your boba-chewing teeth happy throughout the day at the event. Split with a friend to try all three flavors, before doing battle for that one extra bottle. 

15 for $40 - 47% off retail

Perfect for your posse, your entourage, your band of merry adventurers. Moisten their lips, delight their tongues, and quench their thirst. Bask in the glow of their affection. Just heavy enough for muscle training.   

32 for $80 - 50% off retail

Perfect for establishing your bona fides as a true boba lover and addict. Maybe you're rolling with a big group, or maybe you want to stock up at home at these incredibly cheap prices. We won't stop you.

Graphic for FS Drinks promotion at the 2023 Anime Impulse convention in San Diego, offering free boba for event staff.

Free Boba for Event Staff

It takes a village to set up, run, and break down an event like Anime Impulse, K-Play! Fest, and Sneaker Expo. Maybe you're running electrical or picking up litter. Maybe you're checking tickets or tackling creepy upskirt pervs. Whatever it is you do, we thank you for making this event enjoyable to all... with free boba. 

How To Claim:

  1. Visit our booth at Food Alley and flash your event staff badge.
  2. Pick a flavor and we'll hand you a free bottle and fat boba straw.
  3. Limit one free drink per staff member per event day.

Give us a fist-bump, yeah?

Graphic for FS Drinks promotion at the 2023 Anime Impulse convention in San Diego, offering free boba for vendors and exhibitors.

Free Boba for Vendors & Exhibitors

Howdy, neighbor. Are you toiling like we are? Sharing what you can offer to the legions of anime lovers, k-pop stans, and sneaker heads? Largely stuck at your booth unable to go around to see the sights, peruse merch, collect souvenirs, and hoard free swag? Same here. Bring some of yours and let's trade.   

How To Claim:

  1. Visit our booth at Food Alley and tell us what booth you're from.
  2. Whip out your handful (or armful) of sweet swag or magnificent merch and seduce us with what you're willing to trade with us. 
  3. We might negotiate, haggle, or shower you with boba drinks based on wholly unscientific perceived value, but you'll definitely leave our booth with at least one free bottle of your chosen flavor. 

We're partial to anything happy, bouncy, or chewy. Interpret as you will.

Graphic for FS Drinks promotion at the 2023 Anime Impulse convention in San Diego, offering free boba for email subscribers.

Free 3-Pack for E-Mail Subscribers

We promise special delights in our rare email newsletters to our biggest fans and most loyal supporters. This event will not be an exception. We'll email a special coupon for a free 3-Pack of our boba drinks to all email subscribers on Friday, March 17th, that can be claimed and enjoyed throughout the convention.

How To Claim:

  1. Visit our booth at Food Alley and show us the coupon we emailed you on Friday, March 17th.
  2. We'll hand you three bottles of our boba drinks, one of each flavor, while supplies last.
  3. Limit one free 3-Pack per email subscriber per event day.

BONUS: We may have a brand new fourth flavor available at the event for taste testing. You'll have priority to try this new flavor ahead of everyone else, and have first dibs at telling us whether you like it or loathe it. We promise not to cry.


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