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BOBA for BABA: Father's Day Sale

What do you mean it should be DADA or PAPA?

In Chinese—you know, where these magical balls of delight originated from—fathers are called 爸爸 bàba. Or, in a Taiwanese accent, it'd be bābā.

Just let us have this one, okay?

Yes, we totally failed to celebrate Mother's Day last month. I mean, we did, just without a public mention on our site... or socials... or a special deal for our fans.

Growing a boba business is hard and... we were busy. 

Sorry, mom, we'll make it up to you.


This weekend only, get an EXTRA 10% OFF a monthly subscription of our delicious boba drinks for your boba-loving dad(s).

Just enter discount code BOBAFORBABA23 at checkout after you select any of our monthly subscription options, on any of our incredible flavors, all with the happy, bouncy, chewy boba that ever so delights your dad.

Monthly 6-pack? Just $24.29 each month. 

Monthly 12-pack? Just $43.73 each month.

Shipped lovingly—with maximum filial piety—to your father's door, every month...

...where your mother can intercept them.

See, mom? We got you.

Offer ends midnight June 18th, when our fathers transform back into ordinary people we selectively pay attention to.

FS Drinks Crystal Boba Starter Pack
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